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I hold a bachelor degree in Applied Arts since June 2014 and a second one specialized in Graphic Design since June 2015. I acquired all skills needed to work in the field of graphic design (print or web). I am currently taking a Master degree in “communication strategy by Graphic Design” in Lyon (France). I hope this platform will let you enjoy some of my previous work. Follow this link to download my complete resume.


I have always felt drawn to Art, and thanks to my education I have steered myself towards graphic design. For me, this medium of expression allows anyone to bring together whatever forms of Art, to recreate any kind of universe and to convey information as well as words or feelings. One part of this work that I enjoy the most: experimenting. All of these colors and textures, these researches around the typeface in order to convey a new image, just give me the wonderful sensation of creating something new and modern. Right when I’m spending hours testing and searching new technics in silk-screen print or linography, then I realize how much I love my job; not only admiring the finished product, but pursuing ceaselessly new things.


2016/2017 . Second year of a master degree in “communication strategy by graphic design” . Currently . Graphic Design school of Conde, Lyon (France)

2015 . Graduated from a bachelor degree in GRAPHIC DESIGN . with highest honour . Arts school of Saint-Luc in Liège (Belgium)

2014 . Obtention de la licence ARTS APPLIQUÉS . with highest honour . University Vauban, Nîmes (France)

2011 . Graduated from a bachelor degree in Applied Arts . with honours . Université Paul Valery de Montpellier (34)

2010 . High-school diploma LITTERATURE major, specialized in English . with high honours . High School Jeanne d’Arc, Millau (France)


APRIL TO JULY 2017 . Internship in a Graphic Design agency KIBLIND AGENCE . Lyon (France)

APRIL TO SEPTEMBER 2016 . Internship in a Graphic Design agency PANATOM . Berlin, Mitte (Germany)

OCTOBER 2015 . Processing workshop with Martial Geoffre-Rouland, SCREEN CLUB . Graphic Design school of Conde, Lyon (France)

October, 22th to 31th 2015 . Exhibition RECIPROCITY . Galerie Central, Liège (Belgium)

MARCH to APRIL 2015 . Internship in a Communication agency AGENCE NEWIC . LYON (France)

MAY 2014 . Silk screen print Workshop with Silio Durt . Arts school of Saint-Luc in Liège (Belgium)

MARCH 2014 . Group participation in a modern Arts exhibition : Sur les Rives de la Semois . Chiny (Belgium)

MAY 2013 . Scenography Workshop with la Factory 30 . University Vauban, Nîmes (France)


JANUARY 2017 . Hameçon Fanzine n°7, Holidays, let's forget everything . Illustration : correspondance raté

SEPTEMBER 2016 . Errratum journal n°11, Monster Show . Illustration : je vais te croquer

AUGUST 2016 . OH LES GARCES ! n°1 . Illustration : born to be wild

DECEMBER 2015 . Hameçon Fanzine n°5, Bisous . Illustration : miam